2020 Applications are NOW LIVE!

Oh, joy!!! Oh, rapture!!!

Ooooh, look! Some hidden text…

The time has finally come to officially flip the switch into Season 17 of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival as applications for our 50+ overall slots go live and we here at Know Theatre begin watching the amazing creativity pour in.

Every year between the end of one Fringe and the start of applications for the next, we spend a LOT of time talking with each other, artists, volunteers, patrons, and sponsors about things we could do to make our Festival better. Just last week, in fact, we held our very first Town Hall Meeting to openly discuss items with individuals, and our expectations were blown away with the amazing feedback and commentary we received. We’re always looking to improve the experience everyone has at Cincy Fringe, the variety of representations in our Lineup, and make sure we’re giving artists every opportunity to make a worthwhile profit off their investment here. This year was no different and I hope we continue to prove how dedicated we are to being the best darn li’l Fringe Festival that the world has ever seen.

This is only the start of a very long and spreadsheet-filled journey (for me, anyway). I look forward to providing updates as we course through the rest of 2019 and ride the current of 2020 into May 29th’s Kick Off. For now, I challenge artists to present us with your best, your boldest, your brightest work. And if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at cincyfringe@knowtheatre.com. I’m here for you. Know Theatre is here for you. Cincinnati is here for you.

Chris Wesselman
Producer of Irregular Programming
Know Theatre of Cincinnati