Visual Fringe 2020


by Rae Mack Kuhn

Rae Mack is so grateful and excited to be able to join other local artists again in showing their work in this year’s Virtual Visual Fringe. During less virtual times, Rae Mack Kuhn is a Scenic Artist during the day, painting and texturing sets at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. In their free time, Rae practices both digital and traditional fine art, both for business and pleasure. Having been making art since they can remember, Rae has jumped between mediums and subject matter multiple times over the years. It wasn’t until they studied Fine Art at UC’s DAAP school that Rae really honed in on their love of painting the human form. Upon delving into the world of digital art last year, Rae found that the medium worked well for capturing quick, expressive portraits. Since then, it has been a sometimes difficult, but fascinating journey to teach themselves about this new process, often with figure and portrait study as the
heart of their work.

When faced with the question of what to create for this show, there were many ideas that came to mind, something to do with the current state of the world being a strong one. However, when pressed, Rae realized that what was still inspiring them to create during this time were the films that they love. The women in many of these films were such strong, independent personalities, that it was easy to find comfort and inspiration in them, and it was because of that reason that Rae decided to honor those women, and use their likeness to experiment further with digital art. So this series has been named, “Amazing Women in Cinema”, and effort has been made to play around with the different brushes and
functions that digital art has available, while using the familiarity of the subject matter as a solid, comfortable foundation. Rae hopes that these pieces make you smile in this uncertain time, as much as their respective actresses made them smile.

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Videographer and Editor | Taylor Hutchison
Choreographer | Cara Harker and Dancers
Music | Podington Bear
Filmed at | East Tennessee State University

Bibliotheque is a love letter to libraries and literature. Dancing their daydreams, these students enter the worlds of the books they are reading and breathe new life into the text. Cara Harker is an associate professor of dance at East Tennessee State University. Previous work performed at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival: Bebe, which she wrote, directed, choreographed, and performed in and Memoir of a Mythomaniac: the True Story of a Compulsive Liar (or Tallulah Dies), which she wrote, directed, choreographed, and performed in and which won the Dr. Robert J. Thierauf Producer’s Pick of the Fringe Award.
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by Cal Harris

Cal’s art is kinda weird. Fringe is kinda weird. So we’re putting Cal’s kinda weird art in the kinda weird Visual Fringe, which is kinda weird. While it’s kinda weird, though, it’s also kinda weird…that we’re kinda totally okay with letting Cal kinda definitely do this kinda weird thing. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it?


By B.A.M.
The human life-cycle explored through clay and stop-motion animation.
Made with a Nikon DSLR and Dragonframe Animation software.

B.A.M. is an animator currently located in Cincinnati, OH. Work includes 2D and 3D animation. After some time in architecture and set design, she became a member of SAG-AFTRA and is represented by Heyman Talent. She combines her visual rendering and acting skills in animation.
Viewers can find more information about B.A.M. at:
T: 513-549-6071


By Kayla Williams

Kayla is thrilled to get to display some of her photography in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, which showcase some of her finding while wandering through the streets of Cincy. On a normal non pandemic day, Kayla can be found painting scenery and propping for Know Theatre shows. She’s had a lot of fun switching gears for the Cincy Fringe and exploring graphic design. Kayla is fairly new to living in Cincinnati, and loves to familiarize herself with the city by taking long walks in her free time. The architecture throughout the city is beautiful, and while the gentrification has been a negative force, it’s also helped to preserve some of historic buildings that would have fallen into disrepair.

As a scenic artist and architectural student, Kayla’s always been intrigued by different types of texture (having had to paint just as many falling apart sets as perfectly clean ones). She’s found beauty in chipped paint or rusted metal, and analyzed how the elements have changed man made structures over time. Many people consider abandoned or decomposing buildings as a nuisance, however Kayla’s had fun finding the intimate, subtle beauty in old architecture. 

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