A Morgue of the Forgotten

A Morgue of the Forgotten

Performance Gallery & Solasta Theatre Lab

Cincinnati, OH

Just forget it. Shall we? Should we? Can we?

Where does the past live? Where do lost things go? Can you trade in an old memory for a fresh new one? Is memory even real? Somewhere between revisionist history and discovering your lost sock, lives this experimental, whimsical, theatrical journey into the cast-off, the lost and the forgotten.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Experimental, Physical, Offbeat

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Venue: Art Academy – Room 103 (A103)
Run time: 50 Minutes

Artist Bio

Performance Gallery(founded 2002) and Solasta Theatre Lab (founded 2018) are Cincinnati-based experimental theatre-makers. Their collaborations focus on non-traditional storytelling through innovative, devised, physical theatre with the intention to challenge and delight their audiences. Performance Gallery has produced at every Cincinnati Fringe since its founding and Solasta founders met performing in the 2017 entry. This year marks their third fringe appearance as a collaborative team and the first IN PERSON!

Past Fringe Credits

(2004) Cincinnati Fringe, Images of a Beating Heart
(2005) Cincinnati Fringe, The Killer Whispers and Prays (2006) Cincinnati Fringe, godsplay:
(2007) Cincinnati Fringe, girlfight
(2008) Cincinnati Fringe, fricative
(2009) Cincinnati Fringe, KAZ/M
(2010) Cincinnati Fringe, the council
(2011) Cincinnati Fringe, The Body Speaks: Scripted
(2011) Indianapolis Fringe, fricative
(2012) Atlanta Fringe, fricative
(2012) Cincinnati Fringe, Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality (2013) Cincinnati Fringe, Mater Facit
(2014) Cincinnati Fringe, Heist
(2015) Cincinnati Fringe, Shirtzencockle
(2015) Atlanta Fringe, Encore – Fricative
(2016) Cincinnati Fringe, Other Bother
(2017) Cincinnati Fringe, bed (a fever dream)
(2018) Cincinnati Fringe, Vox Box
(2019) Cincinnati Fringe, Kumferted
(2020) Cincinnati Fringe, Hive Mind
(2021) Cincinnati Fringe, Continuum