Who runs the Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

The Cincinnati Fringe Festival is produced by Know Theatre of Cincinnati as our final event of each season. All year-round Know Theatre staff work on the Festival. We also bring in part-time staffers and hundreds of volunteers to help make the magic happen.

What is the Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

A 14-day celebration of theatre, art, music, film, dance, and everything between —  it’s Cincinnati’s Summer Theatre Party! Heading into our 20th year, Cincy Fringe (as it’s succinctly known) presents over 170 performances of 35+ theatre productions each May and June, plus art galleries, screenings, concerts, workshops, classes, and nightly parties. 

Where is the Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

Know Theatre serves as Fringe HQ and is also a venue for performances, but a dozen other spaces in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati are adopted during the Festival. A majority of these venues are non-traditional spaces that we transform into pop-up theatres during Fringe. This helps us keep the Festival’s footprint quite small and ensures that no venue is ever more than a casual 15 minute walk away from Fringe HQ!

Our 20th Anniversary Festival in 2023 will unfold on the Know Theatre MainStage, at three spaces at the Cincinnati Art Academy, at Gabriel’s Corner (Know’s original home!) at Salem United Church of Christ, and at a pop-up venue in a Main Street store front. All walkable, all in the heart of OTR!

When is the 2023 Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

Friday, June 2nd – Saturday, June 17th, excluding Mondays (our dark days.) Ticketed performances run between 6:00PM-10:00PM on Weekdays and 1:00PM-10:00PM on Weekends, with additional programming and nightly after-hours events happening outside those windows.

Why is the 2023 Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

Cincy Fringe – like all other Fringe Festivals – exists to give opportunities to artists — especially independent artists — to present their work. The freedom artists have to create whatever they want makes Fringes a popular destination for more experimental or unusual productions. Cincy Fringe, specifically, has grown into an exceptional opportunity for Fringe circuit artists to present brand new or in-progress works, as our low upfront costs make it a low risk, financially, and our immensely supportive core of Fringe fanatics try and see as many productions as possible.

How is the 2023 Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

Thanks for asking!

We’ve all been through a lot in the last couple years, but one thing has stayed constant: Our love for the weird, the wonderful, the wild world of Fringe! We hope you’ll join us in 2023 to experience it for yourself.

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