Fringe Next Application


Deadline: December 8th, 2019 @ 11:59PM EST

• If you have not already done so, review the 2020 Artist FAQ document prior to submitting an application.
• Please read over this form carefully and fulfill requirements to the best of your ability.
• Your progress cannot be saved, so only begin this application when you are prepared to complete it.

All good? Great! You may now scroll down and begin actually
filling out your 2020 Fringe Next Application!


This is the individual who will be handling all communications with the Festival.
99% of our communication with you is via email, so make sure this is address is correct.
Just in case there's something SUPER time sensitive.
This is the 21+ years old individual who'll be overseeing your process and production. You MUST have a 21+ years old Production Advisor to apply.
Double check that address!
In case it's time sensitive and we can't get a hold of the Primary Contact.
Feel free to name drop. Maybe we'll buy them a drink...*ahem* apple juice.


Even if it's just your working title.
Who the show would be billed as "presented by." Remember, it doesn't HAVE to be your school's program, you can totally make up a fun Production Company name! Like, "Two Weasles Productions" or "Flying Tomato Theatre." (Those aren't great examples...)
List all schools that students associated with this production go to.
Select the option that best applies to your production. You MUST choose one of these and if you are the only person IN the show, you MUST select "Solo Performance." Shows who select "Family Friendly" do NOT need to submit a separate "Family Friendly Fringe" application.
Please provide THREE tags to help further categorize your show. Entirely your call, just don't use your Show Categorization.
A quick pitch of your production, like something you'd have just enough time on a quick elevator ride to use to sell your show.
Your full show description. Please keep text to one solid block/single paragraph.
MUST be between 45 and 60 minutes.
Provide a single count of all participants (cast, crew, etc) involved. If you are unsure, please approximate.


As detailed on pgs. 7-8 of the 2020 FAQ document, this application has REQUIRED samples/material as well as OPTIONAL samples/material. Please make sure you are submitting ALL the appropriate documents based on the type of show you're presenting and include whatever else you think may be helpful.


Sell us your show! Don't rehash things from any other materials...spend a page telling us why you think your passion and creativity deserve to be displayed at Fringe.
Must be from the production you are submitting, not a previous work.
If you don't have a script yet but WILL, you get 10 pages to break down your show however you think would cover it best.
Please submit links for at least THREE sample songs via online streaming platforms (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc). Non-Musicals MAY also submit songs here if they are part of their production.
Productions that don't have scripts and never will (e.g. Dance/Physical Theatre, Improv) must submit 10 minutes of video from the production they are applying with. Please include a link(s) for your videos on an online streaming platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and indicate which portion(s) of the video(s) to watch, if necessary.


PLEASE NOTE: Jurors are NOT required to read full scripts, but sometimes they do so it's always a bonus to include one.
Feel free to provide a document compiling any media coverage your production has received.
Feel free to provide links to any media coverage your production has received.
Feel free to upload any additional materials for jurors to review (e.g. Media Kits, Production Photos, etc). If submitting multiple files, please link to them in the field below.
Feel free to provide a link(s) to any additional materials for jurors to review (e.g. Media Kits, Production Photos, etc).
Feel free to let us know exactly when and where you've performed before, with any show.


You are not guaranteed a playing space of these specific sizes, should you be accepted.
Even if you think it's something "any theater would have," be sure to mention it here...these aren't just any theaters.
We outfit ALL venues with a basic lighting plot, but it never hurts to ask.
We always love to know what folks are planning for.
We outfit ALL venues with a basic sound system, but it never hurts to ask. PLEASE NOTE: You WILL be required to provide your own playback device.
We always love to know what folks are planning for. PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: You WILL be required to provide your own playback device.
We do NOT outfit all venues with projectors automatically. If you select No or Unsure, you may be unable to add this content to your production unless you are providing your own equipment.
Please do try and be as accurate as possible. Some venues feature little on-site storage.
Go on! Tell us everything! 😀


We know it can be tough this early on to predict the exact dates and times you'll be available, but we need to know at least how many days overall you intend to be here, along with your Venue Capacity preferences, as those two factors determine your eligibility and what your maximum number of performances would be.

Please answer the following questions as best as possible.

Festival runs 5/29 - 6/13. Primary Lineup shows MUST be available for at least 5 consecutive days within those dates to be eligible. [PLEASE NOTE: While your availability can decrease from the selection made here, you will be UNABLE to INCREASE this selection after submitting your application. But still please answer this question honestly.]
[PLEASE NOTE: This is the only time you're granted the option of voicing your preference and you'll be unable to make changes to your capacity options in the future.]
NOTE: You will have an opportunity to update this information, if accepted.


If your time isn't completely consumed by your show, we've got a couple other ways you/your artists can be involved with Fringe! There'll be additional opportunities to submit ideas if you're accepted, but for now feel free to give us any details behind a Master Class you may want to teach or a way you might be able to lend your skills to our Bar Series events.


Whether it's a class YOU want to teach or one you'd just like to see us offer, feel free to leave your suggestion(s) below! We love offering both classes that are open to the public and ones that are for artists only.


Have some random skill? Like writing horrible puns? Play a musical instrument? All of these - and MORE! - could very well be what we're looking for to help fill out our Bar Series programming.



As a Fringe Next applicant, you aren't required to pay an application fee.
But do remember that, if you're accepted to Cincy Fringe,
you will have to pay a $75 Production Fee.

Only one thing left to do now...hit that ol' SUBMIT button!