Banned from Heaven, Barred from Hell

Banned from Heaven, Barred from Hell

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Cincinnati, OH

Four immortals are given the opportunity of a lifetime.

When four immortals are gathered aboard the famed ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, they are presented by Death incarnate with the opportunity of their lifetimes. Of course, any offer from Death comes with its own unique form of terms and conditions.

Category: Play

Tags: Dramedy, Folklore, Immortality

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Venue: Art Academy – Room 406 (A406)
Run Time: 55 Minutes

Artist Bio

Autumn Kaleidoscope creates theatrical performances that aim to be high in quality, well researched, and feature elements of both the familiar and the absurd. Founded by Sean P. Mette to tell the story of a girl wanting to dance in a burlesque show for furries (“Furlesque”), Autumn Kaleidoscope has been creating art in Cincinnati for seven years. Autumn Kaleidoscope’s newest productions often premiere at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

Past Fringe Credits

(2022) Pittsburgh Fringe Festival “Unintentional Significance”
(2021) Keybank Rochester Fringe Festival “Unintentional Significance”
(2021) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “Unintentional Significance”
(2020) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “The Bassoonist”
(2019) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “Martha”
(2018) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “Billy: The Haunting of William Howard Taft”
(2017) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “My Darling Dilophosaurus”
(2016) Cincinnati Fringe Festival “Furlesque”