Performance Gallery and Solasta Theatre Lab

Cincinnati, OH

Reality waits in the next room. Or the next. Maybe.

A journey strewn with cast-off imaginary friends and maybe your next-door neighbor. We play with dreams. We explore monotony. We question reality. We challenge memory. We conquer demons. What will the next room hold? You will need some courage. Pull up your sense-of-humor pants. This is going to be fun.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Mind-bending, Experiential, Provocative

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Artist Bio

Performance Gallery and Solasta Theatre Lab are Cincinnati-based theatres that thrive on collaboration and creating and promoting challenging, unique, innovative works of theatre. Performance Gallery has been a mainstay at Cincy Fringe, participating every year since the Fringe’s founding. Solasta grew out of a friendship forged while working in the 2017 Performance Gallery Cincy Fringe entry. In 2020, they collaborated on Cincy Fringe entry, Hivemind, and are delighted to work together again this year.

Past Fringe Credits

2020 – Hive Mind (Cincy Fringe)
2019 – Kumferted (Cincy Fringe)
2018 – Vox Box (Cincy Fringe)
2017 – bed (a fever dream) (Cincy Fringe)
2016 – Other Bother (Cincy Fringe)
2015 – Fricative (Atlanta Fringe)
2015 – Shirtzencockle (Cincy Fringe)
2014 – Heist (Cincy Fringe)
2013 – Mater Facit (Cincy Fringe)
2012 – Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality (Cincy Fringe)
2012 – Fricative (Atlanta Fringe)
2011 – Fricative (Indy Fringe)
2011 – The Body Speaks: Scripted (Cincy Fringe)
2010 – The Council (Cincy Fringe)
2009 – KAZ/M (Cincy Fringe)
2008 – Fricative (Cincy Fringe)
2007 – girlfight (Cincy Fringe)
2006 – godsplay (Cincy Fringe)
2005 – The Killer Whispers and Prays (Cincy Fringe)
2004 – Images of a Beating Heart (Cincy Fringe)