Covington, KY

What isn’t transformed, transfers. Explore the effects of disturbances.

Humanity mirrors nature. Pones explores ideas of succession, resiliency, and adaptation through movement, storytelling, and soundscape. Natural disturbances – fire, drought, hurricanes, pandemics – these experiences can be painful and exhausting, but we are transformed on the other side. What do we inherit? What do we pass along? How are we different now? We search for what nature has to teach us about hope.

Category: Dance/Physical Theatre

Tags: Dance, Experimental, Advocacy

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

Pones provides artistic opportunities for community growth by creating engaging new ways for audiences to experience dance.Founded in 2008, Pones has collaborated with over 200 artists and 80 arts and service organizations. Pones performers use their bodies to speak their minds. The collective uses its signature ‘pedestrian-inspired’ movement to spark collaboration, connection, and community. Pones believes that art creates powerful change.

Past Fringe Credits

2020 – Cincy Fringe – “Proximity”
2019 – Cincy Fringe – “Between 3 and 5”
2017 – Cincy Fringe – “Place/Setting”
2016 – Cincy Fringe – “Graphic”
2015 – Cincy Fringe – “Shelter”
2014 – Cincy Fringe – “Traffick”
2013 – Cincy Fringe – “Choose Your Own Adventure”
2012 – Cincy Fringe – “Project Activate”
2011 – Indy Fringe – “That One Show”
2011 – Cincy Fringe – “The Body Speaks: Movement”
2011 – Chicago Fringe – “The 4 Food Groups”
2010 – Cincy Fringe – “Live Documentary of Dance”
2010 – Indy Fringe “The 4 Food Groups”
2009 – Cincy Fringe – “The 4 Food Groups”