Died in a Trailer Park / Woke Up a Mermaid

Died in a Trailer Park / Woke Up a Mermaid

Mermaid Productions

Minneapolis, MN

Stories of death, birth, drugs, and accidental ferry rides

Storyteller Ariel Pinkerton may have been murdered, but that didn’t stop her from living in under the Washington Avenue bridge, having sex in trailer parks, accidentally smoking crack, or unintentionally hitchhiking through Wales.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Storytelling, Solo performance, Dark humor

Rating: R (17+) – Adult Language (Sex, Drugs, or Profanity)

Company Bio

Ariel Pinkerton has been a storyteller since the 2011 Minnesota Fringe. Her fascination with the ability to tell stories with dark, unapologetic humor has led her to fall in love with this medium. She has written three solo shows, one collaboration, and a walking tour based on her own years as a homeless teenager.

Past Fringe Credits

2019 – Tuscon Fringe
Performer, staff member, and volunteer with the Minnesota fringe since 1998.