Volunteer at Cincy Fringe!

There are so many ways to help at the Cincy Fringe. Here are the basics of what we need most:

– Cleaning Crew! We always need help keeping our bathrooms, lobby, and bar fresh and clean each day, and our Cleaning Crew is crucial to the success of the Festival, and the comfort of both patrons and artists

– Couriers! Couriers escort our box officers to and from their venues, making sure everyone gets where they need to be in a safe manner.

– Welcome Crew! This year, we are planning to have folks stationed at the entry to the Festival to help orient patrons, answer questions, and welcome new folks to the festivities. Perfect for our outgoing friends out there!

– Floaters! These are our Jacks-of-All-Trades, and are indispensable. Floaters often help Venue Techs set up for the day, relay messages to other venues, sub in for ushers as needed, direct foot traffic, or otherwise just help us keep the ball rolling.

– Ushers! You’ll sign up for specific shows and help us guide patrons to their venue, communicate with the Venue Tech and Box Office on when the show can start, and help make sure each show starts on time. Plus, you’ll get to watch the show for which you Usher.

All shifts (aside from ushers) earn passes that allow you to watch shows after your shift. Some jobs (like Couriers) earn drink tickets, too! And all shifts earn the official Cincy Fringe Volunteer T-Shirt.

Please review the available jobs below and sign up for the specific shifts that are right for you!