Granny’s FixIt

Granny’s FixIt: An Ozarks Guide to Healing the Body and Soul

Dawn Larsen

Florence, SC

Let Granny fix it, come git a cure.

Grannywomen were healers/seers/midwives found in rural mountain regions…there to minister to their communities when doctors and hope weren’t. Come get a cure for what ails you, as she tends to you through historic and original song, spoken word, and images.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Americana, Comedy, Music

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Venue: Art Academy 204

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Based on current infection rates and active cases, Cincy Fringe plans to make masking encouraged, but optional in performance spaces for audiences for the 2023 Festival.

Please note that we will re-evaluate this policy if infection rates rise significantly before or during the Festival, in the interest of keeping the festival accessible to our most vulnerable artists, patrons, and staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Artist Bio

Storyteller/singer-songwriter/actor/director, Dawn Larsen grew up in the Ozarks amid lots of mountain music, arts, storytelling, beautiful hills and rivers. 2022 Atlanta Fringe Festival Critics’ Choice winner and 2020 St Lou Fringe National Artist of the Year, her work seems to speak to audiences, handling emotional subjects with grace and comedy. Her day job is Professor of Theatre at Francis Marion University in Florence SC.

Past Fringe Credits

(2022) Atlanta Fringe Critic’s Choice winner, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2022) Elgin Fringe, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2022) St Louis Fringe, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2022) Asheville Fringe Arts, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2020) St Lou Virtual Fringe, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2020) Southeastern Theatre Conference Virtual Fringe, “Granny’s FixIt”
(2019) St Louis Fringe Nat’l Artist of the Year, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2019) Louisville Fringe, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2019) CINCY Fringe, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2019) Atlanta Fringe, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2019) Greensboro Fringe, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2019) Nashville Women’s Work, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2018) Louisville Fringe, “The Vicious Hillbilly”
(2018) Southeastern Theatre Conference, “The Vicious Hillbilly”