Harambe Poster


Joshua Steele’s Fantastic Hugo Westival

Cincinnati, OH

A prisoner navigates shifting realities to save an endangered gorilla.

Cincinnati shocked the planet in 2016 with the tragic death of a rare gorilla. Equipped with knowledge from the future and countless chances to intervene, could the outcome have changed? Memento meets Rashomon in an exploration of the nature of fact, expertise, and shared morality in the “fake news” era.

Category: Play

Tags: Drama, Sci-Fi, Local History

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

HARAMBE is the fifth Cincinnati Fringe Festival entry written or co-written by Joshua Steele, and his third sci-fi riff on fascinating moments in Cincinnati history. His work has also appeared at Falcon Theater, the Indianapolis Fringe Festival and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Joshua programs and operates Memorial Hall OTR, teaches voice for Northern Kentucky University and is an active performer.

Past Fringe Credits

2018 – THE GOSPEL OF BARABBAS (Cincinnati Fringe Festival)
2016 – CESSNA: A Drama Noir (Cincinnati Fringe Festival)
2014 – HOT DAMN! IT’S THE LOVELAND FROG (Cincinnati Fringe Festival)
2012 – DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS – (Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Indianapolis Fringe Festival)