Hot Mic: Musical Improv Cincinnati

Hot Mic: Musical Improv Cincinnati

Improv Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

A fun and unique, completely improvised, musical.

HOT MIC creates a completely improvised musical based on audience suggestions. All of the scenes, the music, and lyrics are made-up on the spot. Audiences from all over have enjoyed HOT MIC and have called the experience “magical and hilarious”.

Category: Musical

Tags: Comedy, Improv, Music

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Venue: Outdoor Stage
Run Time: 45 Minutes

Artist Bio

HOT MIC is an improvised musical. One of many acts under the Improv Cincinnati umbrella, HOT MIC has been entertaining audiences since 2017. They have traveled to festivals all over and continue to bring audiences the magic of a musical where everything is made up on the spot.

Past Fringe Credits

(2021) Cincy Fringe, HOT MIC

FREE on the Outdoor Stage!