Instructions for a Habitat Inventory

Instructions for a Habitat Inventory

Playable Artworks

Minneapolis, MN

An interactive meditation on place that you play at home

Your habitat is the place where you are, and that place may feel smaller than it used to. Using a smartphone app, audio performance, and locations of your choosing, Instructions for a Habitat Inventory guides you through a reflection on where you are and what that means to you.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Interactive, Social justice, Play at home

Rating: All Ages

NOTE: Instructions for a Habitat Inventory requires a smart phone and installation of an app to experience. A link to the app with instructions will be provided upon ticket puchase.

Company Bio

Playable Artworks is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit. We create connections between people and places in order to change participants’ perception of our world and our communities. We build original immersive and interactive performances that are specific to time and place, and give audience members the kind of freedom and agency they expect when playing a game. We collaborate with artists across disciplines to build experiences grounded in technology and the physical world.

Past Fringe Credits

Minnesota Fringe Festival
Asheville Fringe