Meera’s Kitchen

Meera’s Kitchen

Beena Raghavendran

Brooklyn, NY

A livestream fundraiser to save an Indian restaurant goes south.

Chef Meera needs $5,000 to save her Indian restaurant from closure. She holds a live-streamed fundraiser to celebrate her culture and cooking — until a strangely familiar foe hijacks Meera’s sanity, and things take a dark turn. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of Meera’s Kitchen.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Race Issues, Solo Performance, Identity Issues

Rating: PG-13

Company Bio

Beena Raghavendran is a storyteller, journalist and amateur playwright based in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Mason, Ohio. She caught the theater bug performing for a decade in community and high school theater in Greater Cincinnati. She has also performed on stages in New York City and suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul. Beena, a first-generation Indian-American, tells stories about South Asian identity. Meera’s Kitchen is her first full-length play and first solo performance.

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