Peaks Island, ME

You learn to juggle while watching brain-bending feats of circus

janoah…anygoodjokes? juggles several tasks simultaneously: performing & teaching! Between acts, Janoah guides YOU through the essentials of juggling: throwing, catching and messy-ing up! Precarious unicycling, shimmering puppetry, jaw-dropping juggling … Janoah tosses together art forms to tell a tale of learning & labor, emerging from a haphazard pile of props.

Category: Dance/Physical Theatre

Tags: Circus, Clown, Interactive

Rating: All Ages

Venue: Know Theatre
Run Time: 60 Minutes

Artist Bio

janoah…anygoodjokes? learned unicycling in the empty hallways of his middle school in Falmouth (MA). He toured with the Circus Smirkus Big Top and currently performs two solo circuses. Janoah teaches New England youth (Gym Dandies Children’s Circus of Scarborough ME / Children’s Circus of Middletown CT) to juggle, balance and drop things playfully. He performs his unique blend of circus, dance and puppetry across the US and Canada, leaving behind a wake of tumbled juggling props!

Past Fringe Credits

(2018) PortFringe, “SpinS”
(2019) Windsor Fringe, “SpinS”
(2019) London Fringe Theatre Festival, “SpinS”
(2019) St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, “SpinS”
(2019) Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, “SpinS” (2019) Nutrien Fringe Theatre Festival, “SpinS”
(2019) Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, “SpinS”
(2019) Vancouver Fringe Festival, “SpinS”
(2021) Fringe Live Stream, “meSSeS”
(2021) Winnipeg Virtual Fringe Theatre Festival, “meSSeS” (excerpt)