Mothering & Mourning

Mothering & Mourning

Megan Flynn & Teresa VanDenend Sorge

Troy, NY,  Philadelphia, PA, and  Cincinnati, OH

Dances of mothering and mourning, because aren’t we all?

An evening of experimental dance, dedicated to the absurdity of caregiving and the mother-like folks unfazed by the mess. Sandwiched between caring for aging parents and young children; harvesting eggs due to a cancer diagnosis; and birthing creative ideas without an epidural. Mothering and Mourning – aren’t we all?

Category: Dance/Physical Theatre

Tags: Dance, Experimental, Story-telling

Rating: All Ages

Venue: Gabriel’s Corner

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Based on current infection rates and active cases, Cincy Fringe plans to make masking encouraged, but optional in performance spaces for audiences for the 2023 Festival.

Please note that we will re-evaluate this policy if infection rates rise significantly before or during the Festival, in the interest of keeping the festival accessible to our most vulnerable artists, patrons, and staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Artist Bio

Collaborators Megan Flynn & Teresa VanDenend Sorge share an evening of experimental dance on the theme of mothering and mourning. Previously based in Philadelphia, the dance artists reunite in VanDenend Sorge’s new home city of Cincinnati to unpack the weight of caregiving– of children, parents, community, and their creativity. 

Past Fringe Credits

(2014) Philadelphia Fringe Festival, “Not Your Mother’s Moth” (Moth Dance Theatre: Megan Flynn & Teresa VanDenend Sorge)
(2015) Philadelphia Fringe Festival, “Dances with Socks” (Megan Flynn Dance Company)
(2016) Philadelphia Fringe Festival, “We’re all a little bit stubborn” (Megan Flynn Dance Company)
(2019) Philadelphia Fringe Festival, “Knots & Ties” (Megan Flynn Dance Company)