Mushrooms of Western Kentucky & Further Meditations

Mushrooms of Western Kentucky & Further Meditations

Flex Your Love Muscles studios (Shelton/Barton/La Charity)

Dayton, KY

Experimental film accompanied by improvised cello and rapturous spoken word

A multi-disciplinary meditation on nature, isolation and inspiration combining experimental films by Matthew Shelton, improvised cello/guitar/mbira soundscapes by Nora Barton and Stephen Patota. The performance travels through the forests of Kentucky into abstracted modern world imagery, evoking a restless but meditative response from viewers.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Experimental Film, Music, Cello

Rating: All Ages

Venue: Know Theatre
Run Time: 50 Minutes

Artist Bio

Matthew Shelton is an artist and musician known for his optical “lightbox” series, songs written for mbira and guitar, and relentless video experimentation.

Nora Barton is a cellist with a rich history of playing both traditional and experimental music. She currently performs in many groups, and solo as Planchette.

Stephen Patota plays guitar and has performed with a dizzying assortment of bands, including as a founding member of Happy Maladies, Flocks, and LazyHeart, among many others.

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