Naughty Bits

Naughty Bits

Sarah Beth Nelson

Whitewater, WI

Daringly honest personal stories centered on various body parts.

Naughty Bits is a collection of daringly honest and giggle-inducing personal stories, centered on various body parts, delivered by solo performer, raconteuse, Sarah Beth Nelson. Stories dive into traditionally taboo topics such as bra shopping with small breasts, disposing of a placenta, and combatting the myth of the infinite vagina.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Storytelling, Bodies, Female

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

Sarah Beth is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. She is the director of UWW’s Library Media program and the University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Cooperative. Sarah Beth researches the American reality (true, personal, edgy) storytelling movement, and performs in fringes, festivals, and open mics. She is married to an attorney and has two elementary age children. Her family members are good sports about being in her stories.

Past Fringe Credits

2013 – National Storytelling Conference Fringe