Performance Gallery

Cincinnati, OH

Vocal sounds giving new context to conventional language.

Celebrate 20 years of Cincinnati Fringe with Performance Gallery as they return (for their 20th year!) to deftly dissect and reorganize the sound mechanics of human speech. Like past fan favorites, fricative and Vox Box, plosive! is an entertaining vocal collage concert of fricatives, diphthongs, triphthongs, plosives, and more!!!

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Phonic Contortions, Aural Renovation, Sonic Surround 

Rating: PG-13

Venue: Know Theatre

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Based on current infection rates and active cases, Cincy Fringe plans to make masking encouraged, but optional in performance spaces for audiences for the 2023 Festival.

Please note that we will re-evaluate this policy if infection rates rise significantly before or during the Festival, in the interest of keeping the festival accessible to our most vulnerable artists, patrons, and staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Artist Bio

Performance Gallery is a Cincinnati-based collaborative of artists existing to produce and promote challenging works of theatre that is known to be outlandish, sometimes achieves profoundness and strives to be unpredictable. Founded in 2002, they have produced a varying amount of works per year in a variety of spaces, including original plays and revamped classics. This year we celebrate 20 years of widely different, original offerings at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. 

Past Fringe Credits

(2004) Cincy Fringe, Images of a Beating Heart
(2005) Cincy Fringe, The Killer Whispers and Prays
(2006) Cincy Fringe, godsplay: 
(2007) Cincy Fringe, girlfight 
(2008) Cincy Fringe, fricative 
(2009) Cincy Fringe, KAZ/m
(2010) Cincy Fringe, the council 
(2011) Cincy Fringe, The Body Speaks: scripted
(2011) Indianapolis Fringe, fricative
(2012) Atlanta Fringe, fricative
(2012) Cincy Fringe, Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality 
(2013) Cincy Fringe, Mater Facit 
(2014) Cincy Fringe, Heist 
(2015) Cincy Fringe, Shirtzencockle
(2016) Cincy Fringe, Other Bother 
(2017) Cincy Fringe, bed (a fever dream)
(2018) Cincy Fringe, Vox Box
(2019) Cincy Fringe, Kumferted
(2020) Cincy Fringe, Hive Mind
(2021) Cincy Fringe, Continuum
(2022) Cincy Fringe, A Morgue of the Forgotten
(2023) Atlanta Fringe, Word of Mouth