Paper Soul

Minneapolis, MN

Buddy is on video, and he’s gonna be YOUR FRIEND!

Buddy wants to be YOUR FRIEND. And Buddy is on home video! Seriously. All you gotta do is pop him in your home VHS system, and Buddy will take the friendship from there! ALL OF IT. Over and over. And over.


Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Comedy, Experimental, Awkward

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

Founded by J. Merrill Motz (rhymes with boats) for the Minnesota Fringe, Paper Soul focuses on experimenting with the misconceptions and expectations of solo performance. From their first festival, they had six original shows premiere from 2013-2018. Their production Knifeslingin’! was toured to QED Astoria, InFringe NOLA, CMU’s Solo Performance Fest, and Cincy Fringe; where Motz had so much fun he wanted to bring another show!

Past Fringe Credits

Cincy Fringe
2019 – Knifeslingin’