Sexology: The Musical

Empowered Pleasure Productions

Portland, OR

A woman’s journey from monogamy to solo-polyamory in musical form.

A powerful, funny, musical journey from monogamy to polyamory: complete with show tunes. Explore new paths to intimacy – from the agony of jealousy to the joy of compersion, peak inside a triad and hear firsthand accounts of love without limits. Winner of “Best in Show” at the 2019 Boulder Fringe.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Musical, Storytelling, Comedy

Rating: R (17+) – Adult Language (Sex, Drugs, or Profanity), Adult themes

Company Bio

Melanie Moseley is a theatre artist, musician, and instructor. She and her triad run sex-positive workshops through their company Empowered Pleasure. Mel has been practicing ethical non-monogamy for ten years. She identifies as solo-polyam and lives in Portland, OR. She toured her award-winning show “Sexology: The Musical!” from Portland, OR to Portland, ME in 2019. Her mission is to “spread the gospel of sex-positivity” through theatre, music, and storytelling to create community, connection, and self-actualization.

Past Fringe Credits

2019 – Sexology: the Musical
(tour included Port Fringe and Boulder Fringe, Best in Show!)