Sexy Sexy Mattress Time

Sexy Sexy Mattress Time

Kelly Morton

Cincinnati, OH

Disillusioned artist Annie falls in lust with a mattress store.

Disillusioned artist Annie takes a job at Mattress Time, where she is seduced by low expectations . . . and a sexy, sexy mattress. Will she leave to pursue her art, like her boyfriend wants? Or will she be sucked forever into the world of Mattress Time?

Category: Play

Tags: Comedy, Seduction, Mattresses

Rating: R (17+)

Venue: Know
Run Time: 60 Minutes

Artist Bio

Playwright and producer Kelly Morton is a Cincinnati-based writer and improvisor. Her show The Butterfly Heist won the Cincinnati Fringe Festival’s Artist Pick of the Fringe in 2020. Previous credits include Know-produced audio plays Almost Midnight, Almost Jazz and Starbucks & Target. Musical director Daniel Zimmer previously performed the music at Fringe performances of Vegetables! (2019) and The Bureau (2018), both of which won Audience Pick of the Fringe.

Past Fringe Credits

2021 Cincy Fringe Festival, “The Butterfly Heist”