Silver Hammer

Silver Hammer

Nick Ryan

Troy, NY

A personal account of mass psychosis.

“Art is not a mirror, nor is it a hammer. Art is a silver hammer that reflects reality as it shapes reality.” An autobiographical horror-fiction concerning disinformation, non-linear warfare, arson, troll-farms, fireworks, psychic attacks, tik tok, and our ever-eroding sense of what is true and what is false.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Venue: Know Theatre
Run Time: 50 Minutes

Artist Bio

Nick Ryan is a writer, performer and director based in upstate New York. He has been bringing theater to the Cincinnati Fringe Festival since 2008: as part of Four Humors Theater with ‘Mortem Capiendum,’ ‘April Fools’ and ‘Harold’; and then with The Coldharts with ‘The Legend of White Woman Creek,’ ‘Edgar Allan & Eddie Poe’ and ‘The Unrepentant Necrophile.’ ‘Silver Hammer’ is his first solo show.

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