Paper Soul

Minneapolis, MN

A “nice guy” endures bloody experiments from a dating app.

The dating app said it was looking for “nice guys” and “hopeless romantics” for a new experiment…so here he waits, ready for anything. He is desperate. He is soft. He will bleed.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Horror, Science Fiction, Experimental

Rating: R (17+)

Venue: Art Academy Room 406 (A406)
Run Time: 60 Minutes

Artist Bio

The creators of past Cincy Fringe productions Rewind-A-Buddy and Knifeslingin’!, Paper Soul was founded by J. Merrill Motz (rhymes with boats) for the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival with the aim of creating original works experimenting with audiences’ misconceptions and expectations of solo performance. Nearly ten years, eight original productions, and three tours later, we are more than thrilled to return to Cincy Fringe in person after so many long years away!

Past Fringe Credits

(2021) Cincy Fringe, Rewind-A-Buddy (Livestream)
(2021) Minnesota Fringe, Rewind-A-Buddy (Virtual Video-On-Demand)
(2020) Cincy Fringe, Knifeslingin’! (Virtual Encore Performance)
(2020) Minnesota Fringe, Knifeslingin’! (Virtual Encore Performance)
(2019) Cincy Fringe, Knifeslingin’!
(2018) New Orleans inFringe Festival, Knifeslingin’!
(2018) Minnesota Fringe Festival, SOFT
(2017) Minnesota Fringe Festival, Knifeslingin’!
(2016) Minnesota Fringe Festival, The Jackpot Hour With(out) Jack Power
(2015) Minnesota Fringe Festival, Ding Dong! Sing Song!
(2014) Minnesota Fringe Festival, Rewind-A-Buddy
(2013) Minnesota Fringe Festival, Boxcutter Harmonica