Spank Bank Time Machine

Spank Bank Time Machine

John Michael

Chicago, IL

Best friends, poppers, douches, a time machine fueled by participation.

Best friends, poppers, douches, grief, and 50% off Andrew Christian underwear.  Trauma Clown/Underwear Sponsored John Michael returns with a time travel machine fueled by spanks and participation. This spiritual sequel to Meatball Seance will unleash your inner FunMonster. 
“A wacky, campy romp through grief.”-Orlando Weekly

Category: Solo Performance, Play, Interdisciplinary

Tags: Interactive, LGBTQ, Comedy

Rating: R (Simulated Drug Use, Simulated Sex Acts, Adult Language, Nudity)

Venue: Art Academy 301

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Based on current infection rates and active cases, Cincy Fringe plans to make masking encouraged, but optional in performance spaces for audiences for the 2023 Festival.

Please note that we will re-evaluate this policy if infection rates rise significantly before or during the Festival, in the interest of keeping the festival accessible to our most vulnerable artists, patrons, and staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Artist Bio

John Michael is an award-winning international performance artist trauma clown. What is that? Exactly. He creates interactive comedies about tough-to-talk-about topics that use audience participation to create a party vibe full of beautiful calamity. He’s created 9 original plays, titles including John Michael and the Order of the Penix, Dementia Me, It’s Not All About You John Michael, and The A-Gays-Stillwater Oklahoma. He studied theater in Stillwater, Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University. It was there he created his very first show Would You Like Guys With That? about coming out of the closet while working at Mcdonald’s.

Past Fringe Credits

(2019) Cincy Fringe, Meatball Seance. (2019) Orlando Fringe, Meatball Seance. (2019) Indy Fringe, Meatball Seance (2019) Winnipeg Fringe, Meatball Seance.(2019) Edinburgh Fringe, Meatball Seance. (2022) Ottawa Fringe, Toronto Fringe, Edmonton, Meatball Seance