The F-Files

The F-Files

Solasta Theatre Lab

Cincinnati, OH

A choose-your-own-adventure exploring the assumed paranormal.

The year is now. The Bureau of Intergalactic Evaluation (BIE) has been assigned Terra 3.0. Will the unnatural-natural tentaclizing phenomena that exist be enough to sway the skeptics on the case? The fate of Earth is in the audience’s hands. Or at least the fate of the show.

Category: Dance/Physical Theatre, Interdisciplinary, Puppetry

Tags: paranormal, puppet theatre, experimental

Rating: PG-13

Venue: Art Academy Room 404

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Artist Bio

Solasta Theatre Lab’s mission is to spark a creative metamorphosis through process and eventual product. Through full-sensory kinesthetic creations, both in-process and production, our goal is to encourage our audiences to connect with their own instincts and recharge their own light. Solasta Theatre Lab’s vision is to explore the subtext of society through physical movement and puppetry on stage and to cultivate conversation through non-traditional storytelling techniques.

Past Fringe Credits

Hivemind (2020), Continuum (2021, Producer’s Pick of the Fringe), A Morgue of the Forgotten (2022), Modern Beings in Search of the Sole (2023)