The Last Witch in Ireland

The Last Witch in Ireland: The Story of Bridget Cleary

InBocca Performance

Cincinnati, OH

Was it folklore hysteria or gender-based violence?

The Last Witch In Ireland: In 1895 Michael Cleary declared his wife had been replaced by a changeling whom he’d burned and buried as he waited for his real wife to be returned. Who was Bridget Cleary, the last witch burned in Ireland? Who are we women – the wife or the changeling?

Category: Dance/Physical Theatre

Tags: feminism, whimsy, folklore

Rating: R(17+) – Violence

Venue: Gabriel’s Corner

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Artist Bio

InBocca Performance is a theatre group with the goal of performing high-quality and bleeding-edge theatre productions and inspiring adults and children to be creators. We create devised and deconstructed work, specifically with local members of our community, no matter their age. We believe in taking risks, making mistakes, and going for broke.

Past Fringe Credits

(2022) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, “Rappings”
(2019) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, “Nellie Bly: A Menace to Propriety”
(2018) Boulder Fringe Festival, “Charlie’s Girls”
(2017) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, “What She Found There”
(2016) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, “Charlie’s Girls”
(2015) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, “My Twisted Face”