Visual Fringe

Visual Fringe highlights a variety of visual art mediums, from photography to painting, and even includes opportunities for YOU to be part of the art!
Feast your eyes on the projects and galleries artists have prepared for you this year!

(Productions listed in alphabetical order.)

ArtLab: Three Quarters Gallery
curated by Brandon Michael Johnston
Location: Fringe HQ

Every nook and cranny of Fringe is a potential home for art, including under the stairs at Know Theatre.
Featuring small works on a monumental scale, ArtLab: Three Quarters Gallery creates a unique, streetside experience for all to enjoy.

Cal’s Kinda Weird Art
from Cal Harris
Location: Festival Venues

Cal’s art is kinda weird. Fringe is kinda weird. So, we’re putting Cal’s kinda weird art all over the kinda weird Fringe, which is a kinda weird idea. While it’s kinda weird, though, it’s also kinda weird…so we’re kinda totally okay with letting Cal kinda definitely do this kinda weird thing. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

Chalk the ‘Walk
from Art on the Streets, Various Artists, and YOU!
May 31, June 1, June 2, June 8, and June 9 – Times and Locations TBA

Art on the Streets is teaming up artists with the general public to help create works of chalk art on sidewalks in OTR.
Stay tuned to Art on the Streets and Fringe social media to learn when and where you can participate!
This project is made possible by a grant from the Over-the-Rhine Community Council.

Deus Ex Copy Machine
from Brian Griffin
Location: Fringe HQ

Using a discarded tabletop copier, vintage photographs, readymade objects, and a sharpened butcher’s knife, Brian Griffin copies, enlarges, reduces, paints, hacks, alters and then repurposes images to reveal the weird world that actually exists on the fringes of our everyday awareness. Escape our vastly troubled world and take comfort from the chaos by summoning Deus Ex Copy Machine!

Fringe 4 x 6
from Paul Kerford Wilson
Location: Fringe HQ

Created from production photos and images taken around the Festival by our photographers, along with YOUR social media stills tagged with #cincyfringe, Paul Kerford Wilson will keep as many fleeting Fringe moments alive as possible in a mosaic of 4×6 prints covering the entrance ramp at Know Theatre.

Fringe Faces
from Dan R. Winters Photography
Dates TBA @ Bar Series

Fringe Faces features a portable photo booth helmed by Dan Winters that will appear during Bar Series events.
Portraits are taken in no more than 5 minutes and a collection of the best photos will be displayed at Fringe HQ throughout the Festival.
Fringe Faces captures the frantic joy of Fringe while keeping up with its frantic pace.

On the Fence
from Dave Powell, Rae Kuhn, and YOU!
Location: 12th and Jackson

Fringe once again takes over the parking lot fence at 12th and Jackson Street to display some original works from local artists and provide you with a chance to create some art of your very own. Stop by on your way to or from Fringe HQ and see what’s hanging on the fence this year!