The Park Cruising Diaries

The Park Cruising Diaries

Zak Kelley

Cincinnati, Ohio

Let’s have a picnic and then some sketchy sex.

Have you ever hidden behind a tree with your wiener out? Then, boy, do we have a treat. The Park Cruising Diaries, written by Zak Kelley, is the deep dive into a year of sometimes-socially-distant-but-also-not-but-definitely-awkward-and-weird sexual experiences that “the app” couldn’t provide.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: LGBTQ+, Adult, Comedy

Rating: R (17+) – Adult Language (Sex, Drugs, or Profanity)

Company Bio

Zak Kelley is a Cincinnati based solo performance artist. Returning to his hometown due to Covid-19, Kelley is a former resident of NYC, where he worked, produced, and partied for 7 years. He is the performer and producer behind such projects like, “Thou Shall Rot in Hell” (Best of FringeNEXT – 2013) & “Wake Up, Little Fag” (Produced by The New School for Drama). Kelley aims to tell stories from his heart, and sometimes his ass – whether it be comedy, queer life, or even heteronormativity (lol, jk). You can find him at @zakkelley on Instagram.

Past Fringe Credits

Reflections (2014)
Thou Shall Rot in Hell (2013)
Blown Up (2012)