The Prime of Miss Jen Joplin

The Prime of Miss Jen Joplin

Our Lady of Badassery Productions

Ludlow, KY

A displaced actress’s blue-collar musical fever dream.

When theatres shut down, this actress had to step it up. But third shift employment at a “fulfillment” center sucked in ways she never imagined. How does an artist survive in a space void of humanity? Create! She may be losing her mind, but will she also find her voice?

Category: Musical

Tags: Humanity, Creativity, Sanity

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Credits

Jen Joplin is back after her first Fringe adventure, THE MILF ALSO RISES. Local audiences know Jen from FEAST. and MAN-BEAST at The Know, THE HUMANS and RAPTURE, BLISTER, BURN at Ensemble to name a few. Jen is so thankful that immensely talented people like Cary Davenport (music), Shelby Olivo (director), Miranda McGee, Jared Joplin, Jason Sheldon and Becca Moix (ensemble/crew) hear her ideas and jump on board instead of running far, far way.

Past Fringe Credits

2019 – The Milf Also Rises (Cincy Fringe)