The Stork Files

The Stork Files: True Stories of Adoption, Abortion, and Having No Choice

Julie Coppens

Cincinnati, OH

Unswaddling secrets. Terminating shame. Bearing witness. Fostering community.

Summer, 1972. In Cincinnati, the cradle of the modern anti-abortion movement, a suburban housewife gets a phone call—another baby!—out of the blue, while a young couple are left holding nothing but a secret. Blame the bird? A mother-son team cracks open the truth, with music, comedy, and courage.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Personal History, Gender Politics, Identity

Rating: PG-13

Venue: Gabriel’s Corner

Please note there is no late seating for this production.

Artist Bio

Like a lot of adoptees, Julie Coppens is a shape-shifter, having played many roles over a long career in theatre, journalism, and nonprofit leadership. Past professional homes include Cincinnati Public Radio, Educational Theatre Association/Dramatics magazine, and Perseverance Theatre (Alaska); she’s currently the president of Ski for Light, Inc., which introduces visually or mobility-impaired adults to the sport of cross-country skiing. Son Seth Coppens (Stork) is studying directing at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Drama.

Past Fringe Credits

(2023) Cincy Fringe Festival, Fringe Development, “The Stork Files”