They End Up Together

They End Up Together

Emily Borst

Cincinnati, OH

What if everything worked out?

In 1961, Robin and Dolores meet outside a bar one night and find themselves inexplicably drawn together. Combating negative exes, negative feelings, and a negative world, can these two women find themselves a positive ending in spite of it all? (Spoiler alert: they can)

Category: Play

Tags: LGBTQ+, Comedy, Romance

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

Emily Borst is a local playwright/director/actor/improviser/baker/princess/etc. Originally from Louisville, KY, she moved to the Northern Kentucky area for school and has stayed ever since. You might recognize her from her show Dawn We Now in the Know’s most recent Serials!, or her baking show on PlayUnderground. She enjoys vintage dresses, watching bad movies, and spending time with her friends (who are the best people in the world.)

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