Twitterhated poster


Sand Catcher Collaborations

Can we communicate about complex issues in the Twitter age?

Reeling after a racist macroaggression by her boyfriend’s sister, Amelia finds herself lost in the Twitterverse. When social media bleeds into real life, she’s forced to reckon with who she wants to be – and how she wants to communicate. Twitterhated explores social media’s impact on in-person relationships and difficult conversations.

Category: Play, Dance/Physical Theatre

Tags: Dramedy, race, social media

Rating: PG-13 (13+)

Company Bio

Sand Catcher Collaborations believes that representation matters, but that intersectional stories often slip through the cracks. We seek to see those who feel invisible, to hear those who feel unheard, and to boldly tell stories that go untold.

Past Fringe Credits

Production team members and performers have been previously seen in:
Proximity (2020)
dream& (2020)
The Opinions of Men (2020)
Between 3 and 5 (2019)
Martha (2019)