Two short films

Two Short Films Poster

Two short films: Why White? & I am White Like You, Right Mom?

The MCRC Project

Highland Heights, KY

Explore how White created itself and Black as its opposite.

Actors, visual artists and spoken word poets collaborate to tell the emotional story of how the Black and White racial categories were born. When the White category created itself, it made Black its opposite, making it impossible for Black and White to exist comfortably together in one body.

Category: Interdisciplinary

Tags: Race Creation Stories, Black and White Identities, Mixed race families

Rating: Family Friendly

Company Bio

The Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories (MCRC) Project partners with visual, creative and performing artists to tell the stories of how people in the United States were divided into a handful of unequally valued racial categories. MCRC artists examine moments when racial categories overwhelm relationships and identities. Emotionally engaging with these stories prepares people to address racial divides and begin the work of healing.

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