txtshow (on the internet)

TXT show poster

#txtshow (on the internet)

Brian Feldman Projects

Washington, Douglass Commonwealth

The best show you’ll write all year.

A crowdsourced, immersive, multiscreen performance featuring a mysterious character named txt (pronounced “text”) who recites a script written anonymously in real-time by a live audience (on the internet). 

Please Note: This LIVE show relies on a high level of audience interaction. Audience members must keep their camera and microphone on the entire time they are in the show.

Category: Solo Performance

Tags: Experimental, Immersive, Interactive

Rating: R (18+)

Company Bio

Brian Feldman is an award winning performance artist and actor. His work has been featured on television, radio, in print, and online, earning critical comparisons to the likes of Marina Abramović, David Blaine, John Cage, Christo, Marcel Duchamp, Tehching Hsieh, and Andy Kaufman. Since August 2003, he has presented 400+ performances of 130+ projects at 175+ venues and festivals in cities worldwide via Brian Feldman Projects, one of the world’s premier presenters of experimental time-based art.

Past Fringe Credits

2021 – #txtshow (on the internet)**
2020 – #txtshow (on the internet)*
2018 – GASP 4 Hours (Gasparilla Fringe)
2017 – The Skill Crane Kid (Gasparilla Fringe)
2015 – #txtshow (irl) (Charm City Fringe)
2015 – Dishwasher (Capital Fringe, Philadelphia Fringe, Charm City Fringe)
2012 – BFF (Capital Fringe)
2011 – Private Dancer (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Show, Interrupted (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – The Attendants (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Root Beer Tent (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Brian Feldman Changes the Oil in Beth Marshall’s Car (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Fringe Scripts (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Fringe of Nature 2: Creature Comforts (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Bourbon Chick’n (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – Brian Feldman Reads This Program In Its Entirety (Orlando Fringe)
2011 – The Feldman Awards® (Orlando Fringe)
2010 – 3 Candy Bars (Orlando Fringe)
2010 – Fringe of Nature (Orlando Fringe)
2004 – I Shouldn’t Be Here Right Now (a show about direction, or lack thereof) (Orlando Fringe)
2004 – The Feldman Dynamic (Orlando Fringe)
2003 – The Feldman Dynamic (FringeNYC)

*Adelaide FringeVIEW (AU), Denver Fringe, FringePVD, Minnesota Fringe, Great Salt Lake Fringe, St Lou Fringe, Philadelphia Fringe, Rochester Fringe, The Greater Manchester Fringe (UK), Watford Fringe (UK), Whangārei Fringe (NZ), Melbourne Fringe (AU)

**Asheville Fringe, Rogue Festival, Pittsburgh Fringe, Big Sky Fringe, Brighton Fringe (UK)