Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Fringe

Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Fringe

The Gorgeousity

Philadelphia, PA

Create The Future! Save Humanity! Hang with HuDey-drinking Demigods!

Grab a crayon, some paper and your gorgeous imagination. Meet some Ancient Greek Muses and a stoner Demi-God. Engage in ancient rituals. Experience epiphanies. Catch the irreverent snark. Join the immersive, improvisational mission to create a utopian future Cincy, and SAVE THE WORLD! You don’t need an excuse to play!

Category: Live Stream – Interdisciplinary

Tags: Interactive, Comedy, Improv

Rating: R (17+)

Venue: On-Line!
Run Time: 60 Minutes

Artist Bio

The Gorgeousity is a delicious art-weapon, designed to combat and transcend the societal demons which divide us and diminish our human potential. Dawn Falato and Karen Getz are award-winning Philadelphia-based immersive theater makers, clowns and teaching-artists who have combined and re-configured their skills to create an ongoing, immersive theater experiment. Their Gorgeousity experiences are irreverent, improvisational audience/artist collaborations that imagine and create joyful new worlds and new possibilities.

Past Fringe Credits

(2017) Philadelphia Fringe Festival
(2020) Philadelphia Fringe Festival