Cincinnati’s Summer Theatre Party is back!

and ready to welcome the newest, wildest, weirdest, most experimental
new works of live arts back to Cincinnati, indoors, outdoors, and on-line!

Primary Line Up

28 shows live and in person at Know Theatre and on pop-up stages at the Art Academy of Cincinnati! 4 on-line only shows, coming to you as true live-stream at video on demand!

Check out the full schedule below!

And Even More Fringe

Special Events

5 shows with very limited runs! Shows that pushed the boundaries of the primary line up, but that we still needed to bring to you as part of the festival. Some have just one performance, so get your tickets now!

Silver Hammer: A personal account of mass psychosis
An Evening with Kevin James Thornton: Stand-up comedy from a Fringe favorite and tiktok star!
Whiskey Flicks: an unscripted, booze-infused, deep-dive into film.
trueFringe 2022: Fringe Artists share true behind the scenes stories
Mushrooms of Western Kentucky: A multi-disciplinary meditation on nature, isolation and inspiration

Fringe Development

Each Fringe we set aside time to allow artists to develop a new show with the support of the Fringe audience. Rehearsals culminate in a one time performance of the work in progress! This year we’ve got 2 Fringe Development Shows.

I Confess: A Priest in Desperation and the Ultimate Fight for the Soul
Slanted: Storytelling and Songs from the Slants, one of the first and only all Asian American Dance Rock Bands

Learn more about the entire Line Up here!

2022 Sponsors

The 2022 Cincinnati Fringe is made possible thanks to the generous support of all our sponsors.

Festival Sponsor

Joshua Wallace

Venue Sponsors

Know Theatre MainStage Sponsor

Henrietta Barlag

Outdoor Stage Sponsor

Taft, Stettinius, & Hollister LLP

Full Venue Sponsors

Jeffrey Hungerford
Patrick Cusick
Esper Tovar & David Gruber

Partial Venue Sponsors

Greg Schaper
Randy & Suzana Waterhous
Ross Royce

Additional Sponsors

Bathroom Sponsor

MeSSeD Comics

Artist Support Sponsor

Jeff Syroney

After Hours Sponsors

Haley Elkins & Luke Brockmeier (Fringe Prom)
Alexandra Kesman (Fringe-A-Oke)

Season Sponsors